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Frequently Asked Question for an Imaging Systems

Why is my video flickering?

Flicker (the whole image or lines) is often cause by an inconsistent light source (fluorescent lights or dimmed LEDs) and a short exposure time of the camera. more

Adapting the exposure time of the camera can help eliminate this issue.

Why are there horizontal lines in my video?

Horizontal lines, or banding, is often caused by inconsistent light sources such as fluorescent lights or dimmed LEDs and represents the same problem as general flickering of the image. more

Adapting the exposure time of the camera can help eliminate this issue.

Why cant I focus on an object?

The reason for not being able to focus on an object may have many reasons. Most often the object is to close to the lens and the Minimal Operating Distance (MOD) of the lens is not respected. more

Another reason could be that the lens used is not compatible with the camera (a C-mount lens on a CS-mount camera).

Why is my image not sharp?

If you are able to focus on an object but your recordings still seam to be out of focus consider the following:

  • Motion blur: This is the case if a stationary object/animal is perfectly sharp but as soon as it starts moving (fast) it gets blurry.
  • Depth of Field: The region in which an object is in focus is limited. If the object is closer or further than the Depth of Field it is considered out of focus
  • Focal shift Because of chromatic aberrations: Mixing different wavelengths of light for lighting (e.g. blue and IR850nm) can cause a shift of the focus.

Why are my images so dark?

Images are dark if the camera sensor is not receiving enough light.

The main reasons are: