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This documentation is currently being improved. Last update Tue Aug 13 12:20:08 CEST 2019

Welcome to the documentation for Motif - versatile video recording for quantitative biology. Here you should find all the information you need.

If you are looking for documentation on how to use the Motif software, its features, or for configuration tips, please select documentation for the Motif version you have

If you are not sure which version you have, you can scroll to the bottom of the user interface, and hover your mouse over the logo.

If you have purchased a Motif system (A computer, camera/s and software as a package), for either laboratory or field use, see how to set up your system below.

If anything is unclear, please contact our support team at or via our contact form.

Motif System Types

Motif can be used for single camera or multiple camera recording. Multiple Motif recording systems may all record parts of the same arena or assay, or multiple cameras may be attached to one computer and operate independently. If you have or a looking for documentation specific to a particular configuration, please select the link from the table below. If you are not sure in which mode your Motif system is configured, check the image below.

Single Camera System Multiple Camera System
Single Recording Unit
Single Recording Unit Multiple Recording Units
Multiple Cameras
Multiple Cameras
'master' / 'slave'
One camera observing one arena / assay. Each camera is independtly controlled and observing a separate arena / assay. All cameras controlled together, are observing the same arena / assay. If synchronized, this arrangement can be used for 3D tracking. To increase the number of cameras, multiple recording units can be combined and synchronized.


Your Motif software might appear slightly different to the that shown in the screenshots below due to version or configuration differences.

Setting Up Your Motif System

In order to ensure optimum reliability and performance, we recommend purchasing Motif as a complete video recording system (including camera and computer). The following pages document how to setup your Motif system (both field and laboratory units)