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Motif Version 5 & 6 User Guide

Motif systems are controlled using a web user interface (WebUI). This means you can control Motif locally (from the PC the cameras are connected to), or from any other PC on the same network. You do not need do install any special software on these other computers.

The basic operation of the software is explained in the following pages;

Motif has a number of features which make it more than just a software for recording video. Those features are documented in the following pages;

  • Scheduling
    You can schedule operations (such as record at a specific or regular time, recording for a fixed duration)
  • Input/Output/DAQ
    You can control outputs and read sensors. Motif will generate a data file with the values of outputs and sensors, and the current frame, so you can easily relate values to video
  • Scripting
    You can write experimental scripts which can be run by motif to control the system or to implement your experiment protocol
  • Realtime / Closed Loop
    The experimental scripts can access a realtime stream of the camera images and can be used to implement closed loop experiments without risk of disrupting or crashing the recording process
  • Configurable and Extensible In Mutiple Camera Scenarios
    Motif is extrememly configurable and can operate in several different modes, depending on how many cameras you have and if the cameras are 'independent' of one another, such as when they are recording several different indepent assays. For an overview of the different modes of operation, and how the user interface is different in each mode, see the page on motif modes.